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2018 ISSE Show in Review

2018 ISSE

2018 isse
2018 ISSE Review –

When the doors opened to the show on Saturday at 1 pm, the line of attendees was spilling out the front doors. The energy was high, brands were well prepared and from the opening bell of the last ISSE to open a new year, the event was action-packed. PBA did a number of new things this year including a Career Enrichment Expo bringing well-known educators together to help beauty professionals advance their careers. The Playground was a short 30-minute, single technique, hands-on workshop where attendees could just drop in and seemed really active all the time. Also new this year was the PBA hub where members and non-members stepped into the world of PBA to learn about the vast activities and offerings provided by the PBA. In this section the PBA brought to life the many advocacy programs they support including Cut It Out, helping beauty professionals fight back against domestic violence and the PBA disaster relief fund. The Hairbrained TeachIn returned this year for the 4th time for an inspirational Master Jam of the #crafthairdressing culture.
My favorite new feature at the event was the Wellness Room. Yoga, meditation and massage chairs gave attendees a place to come and connect with an important aspect of our industry while caring for their own well-being.
The floor was configured differently with skin and spa coming out from the arena on to the main floor. There were a strong nail section and nail competition areas. However, The bulk of this show is and has been for a long time, hair. Hair extensions were the big draw of this event but the stars were the artists like Sam Villa, Martin Parson, Nick Arrojo and many other hard working craftspeople that work day in and day out behind the chair. I watched as some of these famous (and not so famous) doing hair in the aisle, corners of booths and where ever there was enough room to allow a gathering of people to watch. And watch they did.
For some, this show was disappointing because of the dominance of hair, hair extensions, lack-of skin care and spa or for any other dozens of reasons. For me, it was a motivational weekend. I was inspired by the two young ladies I met at a table near the food trucks. I asked if I could join their table and learned that they are hairdressers from Bakersfield, CA (a little CA city) now teaching with a newer brand in the market. The excitement in their eyes and the potentiality they see in the industry and their future fired me up! When I walked the floor, I saw new things and new energy. We are on the razor edge of a new era in our industry and I am beyond excited about what the PBA is doing and others within the industry to change and adapt to a new era in beauty.


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