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5 Beauty Hacks to Help you Beat the Heat

american made beauty 5 summer beauty hacks

american made beauty 5 summer beauty hacks

5 Beauty Hacks to Help you Beat the Heat

#1: Start with a clean face

Oil & build up from dead skin can be exacerbated by the extreme summer heat and add to that any build up from leftover Makeup and you can be set up for a Complexion Disaster, so Marlene Katz, Beauty expert, and founder of Intelligent SkinSense says, “Skin that is out of balance is more sensitive and easily aggravated by climate changes, exercise, medications or hormonal conditions.

Try using a detergent-free, herbal, skin wash, such as Even Out Cleanser to help remove impurities and restore balance to the skin.”

#2: Go ahead and cake that face

Paula Hayes, a product chemist who blended SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY to develop innovative makeup for all skin tones says, “Often people think the only option to beat the heat of summer is to give up makeup. But, summer is the perfect time to embrace color! Just make sure you opt for products with long wearability, quality ingredients, and oil absorption properties.”

Hue Noir has a complete line of face, lip and eye products that do just that. Try the True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation coupled with Perfect Pigment Velvet Eyeshadow and finish it off with our Perfect Pout Hydrating Lipstick for a ‘last all day, beat the heat kind of wow’!”

#3: Try if you can, to not over highlight

If you’re like me, then strobing is life, but try your best, if possible, to not use such a heavy hand when applying your daily glow. Emani Vegan Cosmetics has the Perfect Vegan Illuminator for the job, it gives your skin a natural and luminous finish which is great for a light summer highlight.

#4: Cool, comfortable fashion is key

You can still be a glam goddess while keeping that cool yet comfortable realness. There are plenty of fashion lines out there that cater to cool diva fashion, like SITA Couture.

Sita Thompson, owner of SITA Couture, features the cooling effects of 100% organic linen, racer backs, dramatic hoods and long side slits. These pieces can be dressed up with heels and jewelry, or worn casually as statement-everyday fashion!

#5: Don’t forget to bring a makeup blotting towelettes

If you’ve done the first four steps, then you may be able to skip over this one, unless you happen to be in an extreme case of 100+ degree heat or even worse 90% humidity. In that case, simply stepping outside feels like opening the door to a sauna, and you may perspire regardless of what you do. In that case, pack oil absorbing towelettes or an organic cotton paper towel both work great for dabbing extra oil and moisture away.


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