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ACR Labs

Advanced Cosmetic Research Labs
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Beauty products, pet products, adult products; high-end skin care or salon and spa products; dermatologist products; SPF and over-the-counter cosmetics; acne; sunless tanning.

Custom Research and Development
We source new and current ingredients through extensive R & D. Our goal: to make your product idea better.

Formula Stability and Packaging Compatibility Testing

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and In-house Micro-testing

Regulatory Compliance

Registration support for international business. Domestic compliance issues are never issues here.
At ACRL, we always begin at the end. By focusing on what the finished product will be in terms of:
• Packaging choice – ACRL can help you source components
• Decoration – Silk screening or labeling
• Formulation – Choose from our library or go custom
• Filling -Tubes, jars, bottles, foil packs
• Testing, safety, efficacy to concept
• Shipping – Domestic and international



ACR Labs
ACR Labs
ACR Labs
ACR Labs
ACR Labs
ACR Labs

Listen to the RadioAMB interview with Richard Garza, of Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories.

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