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Andrew Bartfield – Wash In Hair Color

Andrew Bartfield

Andrew Bartfield
Have you wondered why you are seeing people running around with new colorful trends in hair color lately? From pastel to neon and everything in between, hair has taken on a brand new hue, and Patty Schmucker’s guest this week on RadioAMB is one of the people who has not only inspired this new trend in hair color but is providing the tools, techniques, and education to make it happen. Meet Andrew Bartfield of Celeb Luxury.

Andrew is Co-Founder along side of beauty industry legend Leland Hirsch and he will be discussing just what it takes to develop eye-catching color that makes a mark. Andrew talks about working with Leland and why health and integrity of hair is critical to these new vibrant color trends. Learn how working for brands such as L’Oreal, Artec, Clariol, and Redken (just to name a few) have helped him develop some of the best hair coloring products on the market today.

Listen in as Patty and Andrew share his humble journey from behind the chair to key roles at the largest beauty company in the world.


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