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Aneela Zaman – Path to Ancient Serums Growing the seeds of Beauty

Ancient SerumThe Path to Ancient Serums. An Interview with Aneela Zaman of Zaman Skincare
The key to the age-old secrets in beauty lies in our history. That’s exactly what our host Patty Schmucker talks about with her guest, Aneela Zaman, Founder/CEO of Zaman Skincare on RadioAMB.

Beginning her career as a makeup artist in 1997 working in film, television and print across North America gave Zaman the appreciation for quality skincare. Zaman tells Patty, “If we are going to have good make-up we need a good canvas and skincare is the tool that prepares the canvas”

Listen in to learn how a conversation with her father compelled Aneela to research and learn about a seed that fascinated her father in his early career as a chemist. Zaman took this knowledge to build her luxury skin care brand. Today she is evolving the brand by combining ancient beauty rituals, some dating back to Asian and India cultures that utilized stones from the earth.

During the final segment Patty honors those that continue to hone their crafts as artisan in hair cutting, styling and coloring, make up, and nails as she talks about The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA)

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