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Anita Lumpkin – Global Wellness

Anita Lumpkin

anita lumpkin
When it comes to Spa and Wellness education, Patty’s guest on RadioAMB is an expert. Meet National Educator for Universal Companies, Anita Lumpkin. Anita’s career started with her working in the beauty industry as a way to earn money while in college, and through her love of sociology lead to her passion for the spa and wellness industry where teaching and education are a very high priority.

Ever heard of a Sound Bath? Or maybe an Oxygen Chair? Well, Patty and Anita will discuss just where the industry is headed, the types of treatments and procedures that are quickly becoming the next big thing, and why less water in formulations is gaining momentum. Anita also talks about her work to develop Universal Companies’ Wellness and Learning Center as a community center for the industry and offering an array of service-related education and business classes at the center. Including soft skills training such as resume writing, proper eye contact, and body positioning to achieve success.

Listen in to Patty and Anita as they take a deep dive into the luxurious world of spa and wellness.


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