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Annie Vasquez & Jade Kevin Foster – Beauty Influencer Secrets


Want to know what’s the latest and greatest in beauty and fashion from the perspective of those who are inspiring others and building cool, authentic personal brands? Then tune in to RadioAMB as Patty Schmucker has an in-depth talk during the first half of the show with Annie Vasquez a fashion, travel and beauty influencer and journalist who has been nicknamed The Fashion Poet. Annie got her start in Miami and will discuss how she became one of the pioneers of early fashion blogging and what it takes to find the personal look, feel and message that helps her connect to her audience, and how she is moving her own brand forward.

In the second half of the show, Patty sits down with Jade Kevin Foster, an international supermodel with over 1 million Instagram and Twitter followers, taking social media by storm. They will discuss just how he built his following and how Kim Kardashian played a role in his budding career. Jade also discusses what it’s like modeling for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Mossimo, not to mention his move into the realm of beauty!

Listen in as RadioAMB uncovers just how beauty and fashion are tightly connected and how social media is helping to close the gap even further. Find out how selfies can be transformative and that striking a pose is an art form in itself. We think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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