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Architecturally designed beauty with Elan Sassoon

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Vidal Sassoon became the defining force in hair, crafting geometric styles that turned heads. Nearly 50 years later, his son Elan is turning heads in his own way. Elan’s path to the beauty industry started differently than his father’s in that he chose the film industry, producing independent films. After five years, the pull of the family business became strong, and he started a skin care company called Vita Organics with his mother Beverly. Proving that he was on his way to becoming a powerful business man and player in the beauty industry, he first sale was to 3000 Target stores for over $1 million. Vita Organics went on to have $7 million in sales during its first year.

Unknown copyElan moved easily into the corporate world, then back into salons and spas, building several high-end salons in New York and Boston. He started Sojourn hair care products in 2009 and sold it in January 2014. He now sits on the board of the Beauty Schools of America, and he talked to Radio AMB host Patty Schmucker about his round-about way to the industry and what it means to be the son of a legend. They discussed his film career and what ultimately led him back to what he truly loves: beauty.

With his understanding of hair and his knowledge of art – accompanied by his wife who studied at Bauhaus art school (Vidal’s architectural inspiration) – Elan has become a connoisseur of architecturally designed beauty in the form of homes, ice cream and online beauty solutions. Listen below to hear what Elan Sassoon is doing now and what he plans for the future. Only on

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