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Aston LaFon of 1821 Man Made

1821 Man Made

1821 Man MadeClose your eyes and imagine you are back in 1821, the time of prohibition, now try and link that to modern day men’s grooming. Are you having a hard time visualizing? Then you will want to listen to this RadioAMB interview where Patty Schmucker speaks with one of the founders of 1821 Man Made ’s Aston LeFon. Aston, after working within the beauty industry for years discovered a gap in the Men’s grooming market. Partnering with Angel del Solar and David del Solar, the three began developing a line of men’s grooming products inspired by prohibition era and the bootlegging culture.

Aston and Patty discuss how he was able to evolve his and his partners’ idea into a high-end men’s grooming line that caters to the overall sensory experience of men’s grooming. Find out how scent can conjure up a memory and how they have engineered a men’s brand that cultivates the same pride of ownership he feels for his car or TV.

Listen in today as Aston and Patty discuss why he is so passionate about creating high-end, quality products and changing the way men view grooming in general.

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