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Be brainy about beauty

If you’ve ever wondered how formulas are crafted, how ingredients are chosen, mixed in the lab and end up in a bottle, jar or tube, then you need to hear the two guys known as The Beauty Brains.

Randy Schueller started out writing stories he hoped would sell to Marvel comics, segued into a chemistry degree and then to a small perfume company in Chicago. Thirty years later, after working for companies such as Alberto Culver, VO5, Tresemme, Nexxus and St.Ives, Randy teamed up with Perry Romanowski and together they created their own cosmetic science entertainment and educational blog.

After years of helping fortune 500 companies bring products to market, their current efforts help consumers understand the hottest ingredients – bird poop anyone – and tapping into the biggest trends. They source what they need from all over the world, help people understand the “all natural” category and are currently excited about the possibilities and opportunities that come with creating products for an older population.

Listen below as they talk about some of the most outrageous and funny claims they’ve heard – like matching your DNA – and some of the most outrageous ingredients out there – snake venom. It’s all about knowing what’s in a product and why, doing proper research, and de-mystifying what’s beautiful about skin care and hair care. It’s about being brainy about your beauty.


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