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Beauty and the beast of weather

You wouldn’t think that what’s in when it comes to beauty has anything to do with what’s happening with the weather. You wouldn’t think so. But you’d be wrong, at least according to industry and trend guru Aliesh Pierce. Aliesh was Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB recently and the two talked about global warming, how unseasonably hot leads to seasonably gorgeous fashions, and incredibly trendy beauty products. According to Aliesh: Because of global warming, women are going natural with loose dresses, high bun hair and a bold lip; the focus being on beautiful natural skin. We should be focusing on skin care, with the movement of sheer foundation.

alieshpierceBut is it trendy? Or is it reality? Aleish thinks it’s a little bit of both. From naturally safe and effective makeup products sporting botanicals to the winter of the well-groomed nail, weather is having an effect on the women, beauty and the social experience. In fact, winter trends include investing in the perfect mani/pedi, and focus on lips. Harsh winters can wreak havoc on delicate lips. Browns, purples and more, loaded with moisturizing color are kissing the faces of women all over the word.

Another trend: home beauty devices like light therapy (may the force be with you!) as a safe alternative to chemical peels and lasers; micro needling to help stimulate collagen production for greater elasticity; and using radio frequency to destroy acne. It’s about making sense of what makes the most sense for each individual, from a personal standpoint, a money standpoint, and whether it’s good for the planet.

Today’s women also want beauty to be a more social experience. They want individualized attention and they crave human interaction. That’s why Aliesh Pierce, a 27-year beauty industry veteran, has also introduced Ask Aliesh! This website offers on-call answers to beauty questions. The site utilizes beautiful photography, focuses on Aliesh’s styling experience and works to bring a wealth of beauty information and beauty advice to everyone. One of the top questions? How to handle hyper-pigmentation.

Hear the answer to that, and so much more. Right here.


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