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Beauty by a nose

danica2We have five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. All are important when it comes to beauty, but one of the most interesting is the latter: fragrance. Smell. Danica Siegal of I Am Fragrance was born into fragrance and continues to explore the olfactory experience, something she continues to share with others, including you, on Radio AMB.

Smell triggers memory and emotion. Like a light bulb connected to the brain, it makes us feel better. Danica believes that beauty is born on the inside and lives on the inside, and only then can it radiate to the outside. Danica’s father was a leading scientist who helped map human DNA. Through his work, he came to a deep understanding of how the brain works and how memories are formed. Her uncle was a perfumer and understood the power of raw materials – botanicals – to create amazing fragrances. Danica Siegal continues her family’s legacy of using the sense of smell to create new memories.

Patty Schmucker, host of Radio AMB, interviewed Danica Siegal to discover the emotional and spiritual aspects of aromas, of fragrances; of smells and the experience of this most personal of senses. Listen in as they discuss how botanicals are sourced, the difference between botanical-based aromas and synthetic fragrances, the energy created by plants, and what the future of beauty by a nose really means.


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