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Beauty goes to the chiropractor. An interview with Jonas Eyford.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotIf you’ve ever wondered how hairdressers manage to stand for those hours, day after day, without developing back problems, you need to listen to this interview with Dr. Jonas Eyford. He’s a chiropractor and published author who is helping salon professionals stay physically healthy, avoid injury, and even to manage existing aches and pains.

Dr. Eyford has been fascinated by health and the human condition for years, and he has long had a desire to help educate hairstylists to keep their backs, necks, shoulders and more, healthy. He wrote a book called The Healthy Hairstylist, all geared toward helping hairdressers learn how they can keep their bodies stronger and injury-free.

He became interested in helping beauty professionals after establishing his chiropractic practice next to a large beauty salon. It wasn’t long before he started meeting and treating stylists. Working essentially from the feet up to the neck, Dr. Eyford continues to help hairdressers understand the importance of awareness, how to engage the core, and how to stay strong. Listen for yourself. We think you might hear something pretty important.

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