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Beauty is as beauty changes

What are the major changes that have occurred to the beauty industry? They’re almost too numerous to count. Just one example might be the rise of day spas, predicted by the estimable Marianne Dougherty, a purveyor of all things American Salon. She was present as the beauty industry truly gained strength in the 1980s and 1990s, and wrote the definitive article, Paradise Found, discussing the coming spa-trend in 1992. Where was the first one? Believe it or not, Connecticut. It’s not the place that immediately comes to mind when it comes to spas but its true. Amazing what you learn when you listen.

The trends in the beauty industry are constant and continuing. Every day there is something new. Remember when beauty parlors and toilet paper wrapped hair that had been sprayed within an inch of its life? That was the 1960s. Then came Vidal Sassoon who changed the way people visited salons. Changed salons, in fact, to become places to be entertained, to have an experience.

In the last five years, we’ve seen the growth of keratin treatments. So many women want to have sleek, shiny hair. Healthy looking hair. The craze in the late 2008 was the use of flat irons. Then came blow dry bars. Then came Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatments.

What’s next? Listen to Patty’s interview with Marianne and find out!


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