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Beauty is as TheBeautyGirl says

How does a journalist become one of the leading authorities in how we define beauty in America? If you’re Nicole Pearl, it begins by writing for magazines like US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Health and the New York Times, and gradually progresses to having your own influential blog. Nicole’s journey happened when she became entrenched in all things beauty, doing research, learning the ins and outs of science, and most of all, how to get past the catchy phrases and tag lines to get at actual claims.

Nicole’s blog has been named one of the top 50 beauty blogs, and she remains on top because she engages in interviews with beauty pioneers and experts, is constantly on social media, and is forever looking for the “one product that’s really great.”


In her recent interview with Patty Schmucker on Radio AMB, Nicole talked at length about how beauty companies know what to make based on focus groups, consultants and opinion makers. She talked about her current favorite makeup artist, Pat McGrath and about the brand that has caught her attention. Hint: It’s from the dermatologists that created ProActiv and it’s a line that helps acne, sun damage, sensitivity and redness; a line that actually improves skin. They’re using ingredients in a different way, using marketing in a different way, and attempting to change the face of beauty.

So who is it that this beauty girl is so infatuated with? Tune in to find out.

Listen to Radio AMB and Patty’s interview to learn more about Nicole Pearl, and her take on how she got started, what she likes best about the beauty industry – and what she dislikes the most. She talks about bold brows, and why trends are just that. She’ll share her take on department stores, Botox, Retinol and multi-level marketing, and she’ll expand on how she keeps a go-to blog, all in the funny, slightly irreverent way that pays off her company’s fun tagline. Beauty shouldn’t be a bitch.

It’s all wrapped up in one beautiful hour discussing things that are pretty important.

Take a listen.


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