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Beauty? It’s Universal.

When it comes to supplying beauty products to the spa industry, there is only one company with the universal reach to 35,000 customers. That company is #UniversalCompanies. As the one-stop-shop for spa and beauty professionals, Universal has been the leader in their field for over 30 years. It began when founder Marti Morenings started helping her father to provide supplies for his chiropractic business. It wasn’t long before she discovered the lush wonder of esthetics and promptly fell in love. Universal began.

On Monday, Patty interviews the company’s CEO Brenda Elliot. Tune in to hear about the history, and how they have become the undisputed authority in everything needed to run a spa. Universal has provided products and education for years.  Now they have evolved to the digital world, opened a Wellness and Learning center in Los Angeles, and are curating the best in brands, business information and education.

One of Patty’s favorite quote is “ a brand is a story that is always being told.” Listen to Radio AMB to hear the beginning of the Universal Company’s brand story. It’s the first of three interviews with Universal that will discuss how to select brands, what to look for, sales and marketing ideas, and how Universal Companies influences the spa experience.

Beauty is most definitely universal. Especially on RadioAMB. Listen for yourself.


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