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Being earth friendly is definitely being America-friendly

jennaarkinThink back to 1967. If you’re old enough, you might remember that it was a time of “hippies,” people who were mostly young, who loved peace, and the earth. Who were changing the world. It was during this time that two people decided to put their passions into business, creating the beginnings of what would become Earth Friendly products. ECOS. Listen to Radio AMB as guest host Kevin Michel talks to Jenna Arkin, product development director for Earth Friendly Products. She uses her unique and dual passions for chemistry and design to create the revolutionary formulas and innovative packaging that make this company a true American Made Beauty.

Jenna and Kevin will discuss the latest in plant-derived ingredients and how they’re used in baby products, cleaning products, even dog-friendly products. Jenna understands that just because a product is “green,” doesn’t always mean that it works. It’s why she and her team work so hard to ensure that each product is also high-performance. How? The power of green chemistry. In addition, their products are carbon neutral and they thrive on 100% renewable energy. Earth Friendly and their ECOS brand are working to change the planet, one formula at a time. On Monday, find out how you can join the movement to be earth-friendly.

Listen for yourself.


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