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Beth Christie – The Beauty of Technology

beth christie of suretint on radioamb

In today’s digital age, how do salon owners and stylists keep up with clients demands of perfect service and impeccable style? Patty’s guest on RadioAMB, Beth Christie, CEO of Suretint Technologies may have the answer: an app called MIA. They discuss how the changing demand from salon and spa clients has helped Suretint develop the technology to streamline the salon environment. Elevating the consistency, approach, and cost effectiveness of hair coloring services to a whole new level. Patty and Beth will discuss the importance of hair color in the economics if running a hair service business from the independent stylist to the large chain salons. You learn how baby bottles lead Beth to technology and beauty; how she sees technology influence the ever-evolving beauty industry.

In to the last segment of the show listen in to hear about Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Patty sits down with the CEO of Bright Pink, a charitable organization empowering women to be proactive about breast and ovarian cancers through early detection, education and a community of support.

Listen in to RadioAMB where we think pretty is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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