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Beyonce isn’t the only beauty with a style squad at her fingertips

A recent study estimated that the average woman spends nearly two years of her life applying make-up. A shocking statistic that doesn’t even include skincare, taming your mane, or maintaining your physique. As our readers know, keeping up a beauty regimen can feel like a full time job. That’s why American Made Beauty attended the recent CEW event in Santa Monica. After interviewing three of the industry’s biggest wave makers, we’ve come up with a list of the best – and speediest – services to get you looking good, feeling great, and moving on with your life!

A Facial Peel You Don’t Have To Fear

Is there any trait more enviable than naturally flawless skin? Of course not! For many women, the facial peel has become a necessary evil in the pursuit of a clear complexion. It promises glowing skin but only after the immediate red, flakey phase has passed. We are happy to report that those days are long gone thanks to the emergence of BeautyRX’s Peel Bar. This new service offers a professional glycolic peel in just fifteen minutes with no threat of irritation. At only $50 per visit, who doesn’t have part of their lunch break to spare for radiant, even skin?

At the CEW event, we had an opportunity to talk to Stuart Schultz, son of BeautyRX’s creator Dr. Neal Schultz, about what makes their skincare line so unique. As a young kid spending time in his father’s dermatology office, Stuart familiarized himself with the business and later encouraged his father to share his products with the general public. At last, an opportunity to obtain professional grade skincare products without a costly doctor’s appointment! Stuart is also proud of their decision to produce their line in the United States. This proximity to the laboratories and manufacturing facilities allows the Schultzes to personally guarantee the quality of their products. It’s not uncommon for either of them to spend an afternoon working in the lab to confirm the formulas are precise.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, you’re in luck! During the month of April, BeautyRx and Blushington will be partnering to display Peel Bars at Blushington’s locations in California, New York, and Texas. Read more here.

The Makeup Bag Audit You Know You Need

Left is CEW board member, Tina Thomson, of Tina Thomson Communications. On the right is Martha McCully, panel moderator, and beauty and lifestyle expert. Photograph by: Adamsville Photography.

Left is CEW board member, Tina Thomson, of Tina Thomson Communications. On the right is Martha McCully, panel moderator, and beauty and lifestyle expert. Photograph by: Adamsville Photography.

It’s always been a dilemma: to whom can you turn when you’re in need of a beauty tutorial? A friend? YouTube? Or maybe one of those overdone cosmetic counter ladies at your local department store? Thankfully, none of the above! Blushington and its staff of professional make-up artists offer a range of services designed to help you achieve and, more importantly, recreate your ideal look. Did we mention their chandelier-clad, cheerful stores accommodate large groups for events or parties too? Perfect!

Natasha Cornstein, President of Blushington, was initially introduced to the company as a customer. She knew immediately she had found the answers to two age-old questions: what’s the best look for me? and how can I recreate it quickly on my own? Whether your go-to look needs a refresh or you’re experiencing changes in your skin and makeup needs, Blushington strives to teach women how to apply their own makeup with confidence.

But how? First, Blushington specialists take a peek inside your makeup bag – yup, bring it along. Then, they do for you what you cannot do for yourself: they pitch that so-so lipstick shade and toss that shimmery eyeshadow from 2011 (because you’re never really going to wear it again). Natasha notes that Blushington is not married to any one brand or style, so clients can rest assured that the suggestions made are entirely for your benefit. After selecting the right products, your stylist will apply a look to one side of your face and guide you through its application on the other side. Finally, the missing link! This ensures you won’t leave the store with a bunch of new product only to end up looking like a Pinterest DIY fail.

Speaking of fails… we asked Natasha to identify the beauty sin most aging women commit. Are you ready? Applying too much makeup! (Surprise, surprise). She emphasizes that Blushington’s mission is all about maximizing the skin you’re in. From beachy and effortless in LA to high glamour in Dallas, or pared down and modern in NY, Blushington’s unwavering commitment to consistency ensures the quality of products and talented staff are available in all their stores throughout the nation. Intrigued? For more information about Blushington, visit their website.

Salon Style Without The Hassle

Whether it’s because you lack the patience or dexterity (maybe both), every woman struggles to recreate a salon blowout at home. Luckily, Alli Webb, founder of DryBar, has heard our prayer! This long time stylist is revolutionizing the salon experience, or at least our look, by making professional blowouts more attainable for us all.

CEW 2DryBar, affordable and accessible, eliminates the tiresome exercise of vying for a salon appointment. Its mission is to encourage women to feel gorgeous any day of the week, but without the guilt that so often accompanies a beauty splurge. Unsurprisingly, DryBar’s appeal casts a wide net attracting women of all ages and ethnicities. Its cheeky cocktail themed menu offers a variety of styles including the oft-requested Mai Tai, a messy, beachy look. Alli informs us that hair trends are pretty consistent from one location to the next – with the exception of Texas, where the mantra ‘the higher the hair, the closer to God’ still reigns. For more information about DryBar, visit their website.

With your skin glowing, your makeup bag organized, and your hair impeccably coiffed, you’re ready to take on your day! That is, of course, only if you’re prepared to answer the next of life’s big questions: what do I wear?

To hear more from these beauty industry notables, tune in to AMB’s podcast channel for the full interview on May 5th.


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