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Breanne Butler – Inspiring Cakes & Women

breanne butler

breanne butlerHow do you go from baking cakes to organizing one of the largest protests in history? On this episode of RadioAMB, Patty Schmucker’s guest Breanne Butler is the person who did just that. They will be discussing how opportunity gave Breanne a start as a pastry chef in a top tier restaurant and at Facebook NY which created the pathway to becoming the frontwoman of a movement that has swept the country.

Breanne talks about how a chance to cook for Hilary Clinton at numerous events busted her out of her bubble about the world. She witnessed the passion and pain of people around the country, changing her perception of her own place in society, as both a white female and one working in a male-dominated industry.

Listen in as Patty and Breanne discuss what it means to stand in support of such a monumental movement and how current US politics is just a small part of a global need to stand up for equality. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.

If you want to learn more about the Women’s March team? CLICK HERE


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