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Brush up on beauty with Mark Sejvar

mark sejvarWhen you think brushes, what do you think? Probably something completely different than the person next to you. You could be thinking airbrush; she might be thinking hair brush. Not that either of you is right or wrong, but brushes as imagined by Mark Sejvar can only be one thing: Brushopolis. Mark was recently Radio AMB host Alicia Benkovich’s guest. Mark has been rekindling the well-established Monroe Brush company, emerging as the new Brushopolis, and doing in by making brushes in America.

Alicia and Mark discussed the history of brushes and what is happening now, how changes in the industry are making a difference, and how brushes are making a difference, too. Mark got his start working with Horst Rechelbacher of Aveda who taught him how to overcome fear of failure and how to follow your dream. He’ll talk about the power of networking, listening to people, and using information to effect change.

It’s a fascinating interview and one guaranteed to help you brush up on your ideas of beauty. Listen below. You might hear something pretty important.


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