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The Monroe Etiquette™, Glamour™, Latina Envy™ and Mystique™ brushes made in the USA from Brushopolis are designed to professional standards for high performance, a unique hourglass shape and 1st-cut premium boar bristles that provides perfect tension and control, reduce blow-drying time, minimize carpal tunnel, and make hair shiny & smooth. You get better grip on hair strands and more control over the hair. Just load, lock and pull thru.

We only use the highest quality first-cut boar because it gives perfect tension for styling, is gentle on hair, distributes the natural oils and product from scalp to ends, and smoothes the hair cuticle.
The natural bristle wicks away moisture faster than nylon bristle and our hourglass shape barrel provides maximum hair-to-air ratio. Our exclusive PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core™ heats up to a perfect no-burn-zone temperature and holds the heat for creating multiple styling effects. A Monroe styling brush will speed your drying time by up to 40% compared to standard brushes.

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