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Chris Crellin – American Influencer Awards


influencerFired up about the 2nd annual American Influencer Awards (AIA), Chris Crellin returns to RadioAMB to report that nominations are now open.

Once again, he sits down with host Patty Schmucker to discuss the AIAs and break down why influencers play such a central role in the future of the beauty industry and the building of brands. They discuss how AIAs works, the big names that hosted the show last year, Patrick Starrr and Kandee Johnson and how you can act now to nominate your favorite influencer for the gala event scheduled for November 18th, 2018 in downtown Los Angeles.

Chris talks about the role influencers play in beauty and what you can do if you want to become an online beauty guru. Learn how finding a niche and being organic and authentic are key to developing a passionate following.

Listen in as Patty and Chris delve into the world of beauty influencers and why the movement toward building an online community is so important to brands and consumers alike. We think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.

Find out more about the AIA’s HERE


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