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Circcell Pop-Up Store at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus
Circcell Pop-Up Store at Neiman Marcus

As a verified American Made Beauty brand, Circcell has curated a carefully formulated line that combines the laser precision of science with an indulgent experience, enabling skin to look and feel its best in any setting.

As part of a collaboration with IBE and Neiman Marcus, Circcell participated in a pop-up event with beauty brands Neiman Marcus felt were on the forefront of beauty today. We asked Maya Crothers, founder of Circcell to answer a few questions about the event and get her thoughts on this type of pop-up retail experience.

Q: How did you get involved with the event?
A: We have been exhibiting with IBE for four years. Last year, IBE began a collaboration with Neiman Marcus whereby they would jointly identify the brands they believed were the future of beauty. We’re so unbelievably honored to have been chosen as one of the brands!!

Q: How many brands participated? Were they all through IBE?
A: 13 brands all through IBE. It really made sense for Neiman Marcus to work with Jillian and her IBE organization to connect with new brands. IBE is the definitive organization for indie beauty entrepreneurs.

Q: Do you feel that you had a successful show and experience?
A: Unbelievably successful! The Neiman Marcus customer is sophisticated and educated. She cares deeply about skincare, stays on top of trends and is interested in what’s new. She is too smart to be foolish with her money but if she believes in a brand her price sensitivity diminishes. Being a high-performance brand in the luxury space, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect customer. Our brand and message really resonated with her….she gets what we are doing.

Q: Did you engage your community beforehand, such as through social media, newsletter, etc?
A: Absolutely, yes….all of the above…And, as we expected, our followers and newsletter subscribers were engaged with this information.

Q: Would you do this type of event again? If so, would you change anything you did?
A: Would 100% do it again. Next time I would wear more comfortable shoes. I am a die hard heels girl!! Should have known better. By the end of the day, I was ready for an hour-long foot massage.

Q: What would you say was the biggest takeaway from doing this type of event? Pros and cons?
A: This event just reinforced that it is so important to go out into the world and talk to your customer. There are tremendous communication opportunities with social media….but there is still no substitute for face to face engagement with the customer. Can’t think of a single con. For us, this was truly a home run in every way.

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