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Courage Comes in Many Forms


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When Anita Hill stepped forward in the early 90’s and spoke out against Clarence Thomas she demonstrated a rare courage. The courage to stand up and acknowledge that laws designed to protect people from harassment were not being followed. While her courage created a watershed moment of awareness, the tacit belief that people who are not in power need to “buck up” and “play ball” if they wanted to play in the big league, overshadowed her courage in the moment. The appointment of Clarence Thomas to the supreme court served to muffle many women, but not eliminate the monumental step forward. Fast forward to the last eighteen months, with accusations coming from every corner of our country, and a new wave of courage to end sexual harassment and discrimination is underway.

The #MeToo movement and volume of airtime being given the to the subject of how to create a fair and harassment-free workplaces provides the signals that America is ready to find a better form of leadership. Courageous employers are gathering their teams and inviting dialogue and confirmation of the rules that provide for a safe work environment. Brave Leaders are acknowledging and apologizing for behavior that hurt and resulted in the bondage of shame which is the real injury that comes from this type of abuse.   

What signals are we seeing today that suggests America is ready to make real change? First is a generation of people, now in power roles that learned from the past. Perhaps it’s the examples of courage showing up in the form of more people taking responsibility for wrongdoing and a growing sense of shared value for equality, respect, and kindness. Perhaps it’s the growing number of people who are demonstrating at the polls that they are tired of politics over principle and are finally ready to find a better form of leadership.

What are your thoughts on this pressing issue? If you are in a leadership role, have you shared with the people on your team, your feelings on the subject? We cannot, not communicate about this. Silence speaks volumes at this moment in history. We would love to hear from you and extend AMB as a platform for an open dialogue.

You can also read more about Anita Hill’s view on the current climate of sexual harassment Here

Author: Patty Schmucker
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