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Emmanuel Fritsch of EcoMundo


EcoMundoOn RadioAMB guest host Aliesh Pierce delves into the realm of regulation and guidelines for brands looking to develop and grow by sitting down with Emmanuel Fritsch of EcoMundo. Want to know what the biggest obstacles are to bringing your brand to market? Then you will not want to miss this in-depth discussion, that covers the how and why of regulation and how to ensure compliance both domestically and internationally.

What does it take for a brand to go international? Aliesh and Emmanuel discuss international distribution and how it requires a different structure than the US. Ever thought about online purchases and what you can and can’t do when it comes to cross-border selling? Find out if it’s actually legal.

Listen in as Aliesh and Emmanuel pull back the curtain to see just what companies and emerging brands need to be aware of before venturing into new and exciting territories all over the globe! Only on AmericanMadeBeauty.com and Healthylife.net. You might hear something pretty important.

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