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Equipping spas for wellness. A conversation with Polly Johnson.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotDid you know the term “spa” actually comes from a town by the same name? Spa was located in Belgium back in the days of the Roman empire, when it was called Aquae Spadanae. Patty Schmucker recently talked to Polly Johnson, Vice President of SpaEquip, about the business of spas and how new and evolving equipment positions them for wellness.

Over the years – 20 to be exact – Polly has seen the spa business change. It went from a point of luxury and destination to resorts to franchises. But those same spas have continuously tapped into something in the human psyche, something that needs desperately to be released: relaxation and good health.

Polly and SpaEquip are working closely with spas around the country. In addition to supplying equipment, they are also now involved in the design phase so wellness is literally built into each new spa. Listen to the podcast to hear Patty and Polly talk about the history, the present business, and the future possibilities of spas.

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