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Exploring the journey into wellness

DK heashotImagine a journey. One filled with energy and discover; one where you don’t need to travel the world in order to experience the power of it. That’s a journey into wellness and wellbeing, a journey that has been charted by Debra K. A television host, writer, author, producer, trainer and entrepreneur, Debra is a natural health explorer who is dedicated to helping bring others into wellness. Listen in as guest host Kevin Michel talks with Debra about how she started on her own journey. She was in the corporate world, in charge of customer care, but found it unfulfilling. She embarked on her own health transformation and began a PBS television show, called Journey into Wellbeing.

Debra is open and warm, and readily shares how wellbeing is more than food and even products. It’s about surrounding oneself with people who lift you up rather than bring you down. She believes that it’s never too late to re-invent yourself, and she shares her wisdom as to how to go about that.

Debra K is a wellness and wellbeing guru. She has brought her knowledge to the salon and spa industry, and to television audiences everywhere. She talks about how to start your own journey, how to be well at home and when you travel, and how to transform your life. It’s a fascinating journey. One you should tune in to hear, for your own wellbeing.


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