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Eyes on Cancer. An interview with Jeanne Braa Foster and her husband Dr. Dean Foster 

In this podcast, Patty Schmucker talks to Jeanne Braa again, who also introduces us to her husband Dr. Dean Foster.
Dean knew he wanted to be a doctor from an early age. His dad was a physician, and so Dean witnessed first-hand the value of wellness in life. He went to medical school, became an orthopedic surgeon and after practicing medicine in trauma wards, retired his scalpel and traveled to the Holy Land to embrace a higher calling.  Jeanne and Dean found each other later in life and were bound by a common spiritual mission. 

Before the honeymoon was over, Dean was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  As part of their treatment, both Dean and Jeanne called on all their resources to apply the best of western medicine, alternative modalities and spiritual resources to restore Dean’s cellular health.  Because they caught the cancer early, they had choices that led to a positive prognosis.  Together they realized they had the resources to turn an industry into an army of people dedicated to detect surface cancers, like skin cancer.  They founded Eyes on Cancer, an organization that helps train beauty professionals to see things that might be a problem and in the process, change the world.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Dean Foster and his wife, beauty professional Jeanne Braa Foster talk about the vision they have for life, for beauty and for wellness.

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