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Facial Toning Devices – The new Future of at Home Skincare?

facial toning

facial toning
Facial Toning Devices –
More and more celebrities, influencers and beauty-obsessed consumers are using them, so are they safe? Microcurrent and infrared devices address aging and hair loss for both men and women and according to consumer reports, the FDA doesn’t prevent device-makers from saying whatever they want in their ads as long as they don’t make straight-out medical claims, such as purporting to cure a disease. FDA sanctions at-home anti-aging devices for just safety, not efficacy. In other words, a manufacturer’s claim that invokes FDA means only that the device is reasonably safe to operate, not that it will minimize your wrinkles. The lack of independent studies also hinders how much information is true since most studies are conducted by the brands themselves.
How can you protect yourself and make sure you’re getting a quality device? Going to trusted sites that you know will provide a quality product.  You can click HERE to visit the FDA website and read whether an at-home anti-aging device has been FDA-approved for safety and has any recalls or reports of adverse effects.

Some of the most popular items flying off the shelves address: cleansing, massaging,  exfoliating, tightening with the most popular concerns being wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, hair removal and cellulite.  One brand that we recommend is currently in the AMB shop: Tei Spa, their serums, and scrubs (which are America Made verified,) work along with their facial devices to enhance and improve your skin’s absorption of key ingredients which is what most devices on the market today will do, they help your skin absorb your skincare products, so making sure that the ingredients in your products are effective is more important then ever.

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