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Finding the feng shui of beauty with Billy Yamaguchi

In Japan, the Eastern philosophy of feng shui examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in and of your living environment. This philosophy can blend with Western techniques in order to create transformative customer experiences in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness. How? It takes an embrace of both, something that can be explained succinctly by Patty Schmucker’s recent radio guest.

Unknown copyListen in as Billy Yamaguchi, the Japanese-born husband of Melissa Yamaguchi, talks about his career and how Yamaguchi Lifestyle brands and salons have become premier destinations largely because he infuses feng shui throughout. Ultimately, it’s all about energy. Billy has written books, and makes regular appearances on national television. He and his wife have also created botanical, essential oil products, and have both become motivational speakers for audiences around the world.

How do you find feng shui and bring it into your salon, into your life? By finding your feng (breath) and your shui (water), by understanding that the movement of water comes from energy, from wind, from breath. By marrying your five sense to the elements.

Listen in.

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