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Frank Trieu – Beauty Education

Interview of Frank Trieu on RadioAMB

beauty education
Have you ever wondered what kind of beauty education your stylist, esthetician or nail artist had to achieve, in order to do the magical things he or she does when they touch you? Patty’s guest on RadioAMB knows all about the education of cosmetologists because he is Frank Trieu, the Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations for Evergreen Beauty College in the Northwest and President of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS).

Frank reports on the changes occurring in the industry that has forced schools to look at their business model. Through AACS, Frank has lead a battle against the board of education to advocate for special consideration for the beauty industry and won. While the judge ruled favorably for AACS, a great deal of work is underway to address individual state’s efforts to deregulation the industry.

Patty and Frank delve into what it takes to lead the beauty professionals of tomorrow into rewarding and fulfilling careers within beauty, and how important the education is to the industry as a whole, and we think that is pretty important in all things in beauty.


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