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Glenn Mouser & Lisa Kovner – Manufacturing and Marketing

Manufacturing and Marketing

Manufacturing and Marketing
What are the two “M”s in creating a Beauty brand? Manufacturing and Marketing, and on RadioAMB, host Dean White sits down with Glenn Mouser of Omega Tech Labs and Lisa Kovner of Kovner & Co. and gets the low down on both of these very important tools that beauty brands need in order to be successful.

With over 3 decades in the manufacturing business Glenn reveals the secrets to creating and developing innovative beauty products and just what brands should look for when vetting manufacturers for their products. In the second half of the show, Dean also talks with Lisa Kovner of Kovner& Co, about all things digital marketing. Lisa will discuss just what it takes to speak to a brands “tribe” and that when digital/social marketing isn’t perceived as advertising, customers will connect.

Listen in to hear just how these two important steps within a beauty brand’s business plan can dramatically change the outcome of their efforts and why we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.

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