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Greg Starkman of Innersense

Greg Starkman

breanne butlerIs clean beauty important to you? Then you do not want to miss this RadioAMB episode where show host Patty Schmucker interviews Greg Starkman, co-founder of Innersense hair care. Greg started from an early age working in his mother’s beauty salon and helped her bottle her own products, so when we say he has worked his way up from the ground floor, we mean it!

Greg discusses how their daughter’s birth changed the way his wife and Innersence Co-Founder, Joanne looked at toxins in our environment and in our beauty products. They wanted to learn how to live an organic and healthy lifestyle. They began to discover the relationship between toxins and certain types of cancers, leading them to create Innersense in 2002. Greg explains his method for sourcing ingredients and how the beauty industry is making strides in the natural and organic category.

Listen in as Patty and Greg talk all things clean beauty and why this topic is not only important for our own health but the health of the planet as a whole.


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