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Gut Health – The New Investment in You

gut health

gut health
What if you could look into your gut health to make better choices about how to move, what to eat and how to improve your sleep? Would you take an at-home kit that you could submit in order to get a better understanding of your own personal body chemistry? Well, you can and that personal body chemistry is called your biome code.

You’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of probiotics. You can find everything from supplements, to yogurt, to carbonated drinks touting the health benefits of these good-for-you bacteria. There has been new research and discoveries that say these microbes play a bigger role in our overall health than we originally expected. Microbes help us digest food, regulate our immune system, produce helpful or harmful chemicals, and synthesize vitamins; which are all required to maintain health. Bacteria outnumber our own cells 10-1 and companies such as Viome, UBiome, and MapMyGut are here to help pioneer the new frontier in your gut health.

These companies, in order to help people take control of their overall health and relationship to their own bodies, are providing at-home kits that you submit in order to get a better understanding of your own personal biome code. These tests can be the key to help us make better decisions when it comes to food and exercise in order to improve everything from acne to stress and quality of our sleep. Understanding your own personal biome can help you tackle all kinds of health issues and concerns. This all sounds great except for one thing, according to an article published by microbiome research is not only one of the hottest topics in life sciences but is also one of the most uncharted and that more regulation may be needed to ensure that these tests are accurate. Scientists are warning that these tests, for now, can only offer a limited amount of information. There is great potential for developing microbiome-based diagnostics in the future, which is why so much excitement exists for these new tests.

So, would you be interested in finding more information about your own personal microbiome? We think that if it helps improve overall health and quality of life, why not? These tests may not be 100% foolproof yet, but helping people get a better idea of just what is living in their gut and in-turn developing an interest in science is all a win-win.


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