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Hair evolves naturally. A conversation with Matt Swinney.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotHappy December, all. We kick off our last month of 2016 with some reflection on an incredible year and look forward to an even more beautiful 2017. As we do that, we’ll also spend some time talking to Matt Swinney, a third generation hairdresser who has been cited as a “beauty genius” by Elle Magazine, and been featured in American Salon, Modern Salon and Canadian Hairdresser. He’s the owner of a salon called Evolution in Minneapolis and travels throughout the US, Europe, and South American styling for symposiums, photo shoots and runway shows as part of L’anza Healing Hair Care. He recently won the prestigious National American Hairstylist Award for Stylist of the Year.

Listen to the podcast below to hear Matt discuss how he honed his creativity, learned to be on stage, and how Eckhart Tolle helped change his life. Over the years he has also learned the value of working with clients, and changing his approach to hair based on both trends and how a woman’s hair evolves three to five times every day. That’s the evolution of hair, and in Matt Swinney’s talented hands, it’s an evolution that’s changing the world.

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