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Hair textures. Life textures. An interview with Dede Ford.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotMany of us have something about our hair we don’t like. It’s too curly or too straight. It’s too frizzy or too fine. For years, people did everything they could to change it into something else. But now we all have permission to embrace our hair texture, and love it. Listen to Alicia Benkovich, guest host on Radio AMB, and Dede Ford talk about hair textures, how fashion influences our style, and how a visual design degree has helped Dede become a consummate hair designer.

Dede believes we can all get excited about our natural hair, especially after a lifetime of trying to change its texture. Watching hair grow out and become what it was always meant to be can be life-affirming. Dede believes that brands today are helping us to love our hair. It starts with understanding that textured hair is often dehydrated and then addressing any problems in order to help consumers make more informed choices. All while embracing natural beauty.

There’s talk about texture, about life, about being smart with product choices, and about how it all makes beauty even more individualized. Take a listen. It’s pretty important.

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