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Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions

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What would the holidays be like without our time-honored traditions? Why are traditions important?  Traditions give us an invitation each year to open our hearts and assess our capacity for healing and compassion. Why are traditions important to the human experience?  Traditions call on our hearts to say yes to the family of blood and family of choice and in the choosing,  we grow.   Santa Clause, the lighting of the Christmas Tree, the nightly Menorah lighting, or countless other traditions are some of what families across the United States have adapted over the years as their own. However, the main ingredient you can find common in all households during the holidays is food. It can be a great binder for people no matter their background or beliefs. We all love to eat!  

Some of America’s regions do differ in what they consider to be quintessential table-topping favorites for the holidays. Such as whiskey cake in the south or teriyaki marinated turkey cooked over an open pit in Hawaii, to the countless immigrant culinary traditions that have been passed down from the Italian, Irish, German, Scandinavian, etc that landed on our shores those many years ago. If America is the melting pot of the world than the food that is served during the holidays in kitchens all across this great nation is the binding brew that keeps us all connected.

The most important thing in all of this is family. Sharing food, love, and conversation with the people who may know you best and continuing to build on traditions year after year. Here at American Made Beauty, we cherish all that makes this nation great and special during the holiday season. Bon Appetit!

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Author: Alicia Benkovich


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