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Huda Quhshi – New York Safe Haven for Muslim Beauty

Huda Quhshi Interview on RadioAMB

Muslim Beauty
Patty Schmucker takes us on a journey into the multiplicity of beauty today. Patty interviews Huda Quhshi of the Le’Jamalik Salon in New York. They will be discussing all things beauty and how religion and culture shape our views about beauty. Hear how modesty, cultural and religious traditions are providing an opportunity for modern Muslin women to express their fashion sense. Learn about bloggers and vloggers in social media that are representing a modest approach to fashion and beauty, providing us all with more awareness. Beauty and fashion today is all about diversity and Muslim beauty is part of that movement.

That’s exactly what Huda and Patty will be discussing: how modest women approach beauty, and just what it means to honor the tradition of wearing a Hijab. Huda saw an opportunity to help women by opening a salon that caters to the modest woman’s needs. She offers hair and makeup services in an environment just for women and a safe haven for them to relax and feel accepted.

Huda and Patty talk about the types of services Muslim women, in particular, are looking for; from bridal tattoos to halal brows and nails. Just because your modest doesn’t mean you can’t be powerfully beautiful, and we think that’s pretty important in all things in beauty.


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