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If you see it, you can achieve it

“There are no limitations in life. The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself. There is no education or degree that equals passion and commitment.” Those are the prophetic words of Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice President of DePasquale Companies in New York.

Dee DelucaDee always saw herself working in the beauty industry, even at the age of 5, but her vision had a briefcase instead of sheers. She first became a cosmetologist, working for some of the top model agencies in New York but something was missing. She wanted to channel her talent through her voice and her brain. That desire led her to Calvin Klein, working in their marketing division. Eventually that led her to DePasquale where she headed the education department, quickly learning that salon owners and stylists didn’t want just another product. What they wanted was another client, and another and another. She helped them achieve that.

Dee was responsible for re-imagining the renowned DePasquale The Spa, where she projected and achieved big sales and a big renovation, thanks to her innovative mind and a willingness to invest the time to make change happen.

Dee was recently Patty Schmucker’s guest on Radio AMB where she talked freely about her success, about Shatterproof, the non-profit she’s involved in, about how she relishes being a role-model for women, and how she continues to lead one of the country’s leading companies by using what she decided so many years ago: her voice and her brain.

If you see it, if you envision it, you can achieve it. You can also hear it.


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