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Introducing: The AMB Team!

AMB Team

AMB team
On this episode of RadioAMB we will be introducing you to the team behind American Made Beauty and what we have in store for 2018. The AMB team consists of Aliesh Pierce, Christina Uptergrove, Alicia Benkovich and AMB Founder Patty Schmucker. They will be discussing what makes AMB the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval for American Made Beauty brands, and why certification is such an important subject, especially in today’s beauty industry landscape.

Hear the passion from the team as they talk about their commitment to giving back, the organizations that are near and dear to their heart. Get a sneak peek at the many programs and events that are coming this year, such as the new and updated BIMA program and the development of the first think tank for beauty called the Foresight Forum.

Listen in as Patty and the AMB crew share their excitement for what’s to come and why they are all passionate about this beautiful industry we all love.


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