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Is there a connection between beauty and mental health?

In each Radio AMB show, we discuss the many aspects that go into making beauty. We’ve laid the ground work for how beauty is truly inside out and outside in; how the body works internally in order to present beauty externally. We talked about how the topical application of products can truly work to support overall health, and we brought you some interesting stories about how fashion, history, science and medicine have intertwined to enhance our immune system even as they work to beautify the appearance of our hair and skin. In an interview with Lisa Davis, we dive even deeper into the connection.

Lisa has 35 years of experience serving children and families with severe mental and behavioral health needs. She works as the Chief Operations Officer for Community Solutions, the most comprehensive nonprofit human services agency in South Santa Clara County, CA. The agency offers a broad spectrum of services for mental health, substance abuse, sexual assault, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, and youth development. Community Solutions works in partnership with community-based organizations, law enforcement, local schools, and county health and human service providers.

Listen as Lisa and Patty talk about how trauma effects every aspect of life (over 18% of adults in the US have experienced post traumatic stress disorder, and other related disorders). And how the beauty industry with programs like Cut It Out, a domestic violence initiative, is working to help by recognizing the signs. There’s a real connection between beauty and mental health. And we’re just getting started in recognizing its power.



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