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Jeff Smith – Digital Beauty

digital beauty

digital beauty
In today’s Digital Beauty age, understanding how technology affects all aspects of your day to day business operations is crucial. Patty Schmucker’s guest on RadioAMB knows a thing or two about technology, meet Jeff Smith of Halo Goods. Jeff specializes in developing and integrating cutting-edge digital marketing technology and components that help brands perform at their highest levels.

Have you heard of the trail-blazing brand Alex|Tay and their innovative custom blended nail polishes? Jeff is one of the founders and part of the team of developers that helped bring their revolutionary interactive app into being. Jeff and Patty will discuss just what it takes to develop a digital beauty experience and how things like cryptokitties and other advances in technology are transforming the way we are living.

Listen in as Patty and Jeff discuss just where the digital beauty industry is headed and how you can learn to get in on the technology wave as well.


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