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Jessica Warburton – Beauty in the Eyes of Cancer

Jessica Warburton Butterfly Loft

butterfly loft
Want to know what perseverance really is? Then listen in to Patty Schmucker’s guest on RadioAMB. Jessica Warburton, of the Butterfly Loft in Los Angeles, knows a thing or two about surviving and thriving. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2010, her entire direction in life changed. Jessica observed that women who are diagnosed often feel powerless. She decided to apply the discipline she acquired from the military and her cosmetology licenses to power not only her recovery but the recovery of those around her.

Since both Jessica and Patty have met the challenge of a cancer diagnosis, they discuss just what it takes to overcome big obstacles in life that can change everything and for the better. Jessica believes that sometimes you have to go to the darkest places in order to find happiness.

Listen in as they discuss Jessica’s work with Mattrix and her ongoing passion for those suffering from illness and we think that’s pretty important


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