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Jim Palmer – Rebuilding American Manufacturing

Jim Palmer Interview on RadioAMB

Patty’s guest on RadioAMB is Jim Palmer, not the baseball player, but another Jim Palmer knocking the ball out of the park, as President of Buy Direct USA. Jim sits down with Patty to discuss all things Made in the USA. It is the American spirit that drives us to find solutions to problems and that is exactly what Jim helps companies do. Jim discusses why manufacturing in America shifted and how this impacted the lives of so many Americans. Things like the number of jobs lost, but also the skilled trades lost and how we are getting them back.

Listen in as Patty and Jim discuss ways established manufacturers and entrepreneurs have to be creative and ready to change in order to continue growing their businesses. They also discuss the importance of branding and advertising since many manufacturing companies may have little to no experience putting a plan together.

AMB and Buy Direct USA have joined forces to combine their communities, which share a common vision, to inspire and support domestic innovation and manufacturing. Listen in today, 11am PST with re-broadcasts throughout the week.


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