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There’s only one way to know if an American Made beauty brand is the real-deal… when it’s verified by American Made Beauty

For the innovation and inspiration created by American-made beauty brands, it was American Made Beauty that
We started American Made Beauty to celebrate
hair care, skin care, body care, makeup
and all things beauty that have been made in the US.
We have become the Good Housekeeping seal of Beauty.

Celebrating Our Entrepreneurial Heritage

America is known for innovations and impossibly high standards. We’ve embraced our entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning. The world wants American Made Beauty and our lifestyle that is influenced by our belief that the health of a community is measured by the way women are treated. We aspire to the values of grace with dignity, respect with wisdom, pride with humility, confidence with compassion and the passion to use one’s voice to inspire the world.


American Made Beauty: Made Here

We’re the only company that verifies that products are formulated here, with ingredients sourced here. Following rules established by the FDA and the FTC, we make sure the products you buy, carrying either Made in or Manufactured in meet and hopefully exceed those rules.

By focusing on the “American-made” aspect of beauty, we shout to the world that these products celebrate both the entrepreneurial spirit of the country as well as the rigorous health, safety and quality standards that American-made brands have come to stand for.


American Made Beauty: Sold Here

We’re the only place where you can find the American-made bona fides information for beauty and health brands. It allows you to see which beauty brands meet the standard of being American-made, verified. We’re committed to helping American products and brands bring their beauty to you. And for you to get your hands on exactly what you want.

Pretty important, don’t you think?


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