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About Radio AMB

The cosmetic industry has become an enormous global industry that began in the minds and kitchens of disruptive entrepreneurs with products deemed an affront to public morality. During the history of western civilization, cosmetics have shaped the way we feel about ourselves and others.

Come with us on a fascinating journey to hear the powerful stories of the cosmetic industry’s biggest and most intriguing people who create real solutions for real people and in many ways have shaped the history of civilization. Learn how the beauty industry intertwines with fashion, arts, science, and medicine to reflect the ever-changing way we live.

Discovery how history, emotion, fashion, aroma, ingredients, safety and color have played a role in developing brands and what your selections say about you. Hear the behind the scene stories on the people in the all related industry who started with nothing and have contributed to building beauty into the third most profitable industry in America today.

Consumers can stay up to date with the latest development in the health, beauty and fashion industry and how the choices you make every day to take care of our body can support your immune system and weight, hair, skin and nail texture and health, manage your stress, and delight your soul. If you own a brand, listen in to hear the latest advances in ingredients and business and learn what consumers are saying and want from brands.

About is a radio network dedicated to Positive Talk. We believe positive programs point the way to a healthier, happier life so we offer eclectic, stimulating, upbeat topics sensationalism and no controversy without answers. HealthyLife.Net Radio Network launched in 2002 and now reaches a world audience in over 128 countries, are listed on over 4,462 Internet sites, 600 radio-locator sites and are being included in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and e-zines to hundreds of thousands of people monthly.

Third party analysis report currently average over 600,000+ listeners a month which includes our 60 syndicated /simulcast distribution channels which broadcast us 24/7 on the Internet. We reach over 1,240+ cities in all 50 states and over 128 countries monthly.


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ALEXA WEBSITE RANKINGS (NOV 2016) Global Ranking is #762,350 out of 366,848,493 worldwide U.S. Ranking is #218,266 out of 185,000,000 U.S. websites

We are mentioned/listed 11,900,000 times on Internet sites/the web; 600 radio-locator sites and included in our writer host bylines who write for Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Huffington Post,, newsletters and e-zines which reach hundreds of thousands of people a month.

A consistent Editor’s Pick in the News & Talk Category on the Windows Media Guide for Microsoft’s Radio Tuner, is available 24/7 on Internet Explorer browsers going to over 1-billion computers, plus other devices. is rated as Number 1 and the only 5 star in the News/Talk Radio Category on Radio Tower, one of the oldest traditional radio-locator sites.



All 50 U.S. States – 130 Countries – 62 Distribution Channels


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