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Simply put, we are the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for beauty and wellness brands.

We are  becoming consumers’ favorite marketplace for beauty, wellness and fashion brands that are made in America and willing to prove it by being verified. Why? Because there is nothing more intimate in our lives then the way we clean and care for our body. Consumers tell us with their pocketbooks that they value brands made in America.

It’s an important distinction and it has to do with the percentage of raw materials – ingredients – as well as the packaging and manufacturing that is done in the US. Here’s why American Made Beauty certification is a valuable marketing tool:

Together we are earning the consumers’ trust as the only market place they need to find innovation and trusted beauty brands that are using the industries best standards and practice to deliver safe, quality performance products.

We think that’s pretty important.


What can AMB do for my brand?

Support and help you create your distribution network that increases your brand awareness for direct-to-consumer sales. Embrace the emotion of growth.

Authenticate your claims. Made in American, Made in California or a brand commitment to environmental and social causes. Let us help you tell your unique American Made Beauty story.


“Made in America” or “Manufactured in America” claims


Why should I be involved?

We provide recognizable seals of distinguish that set you apart from others. It’s an experience like no other. American Made Beauty provides a third party verification service for brands that make claims like Made in America, Made in California and Environmental and Sustainable Responsibility.

All brands that apply for the Made in or Manufactured in seal must  meet these standards:

The standards set by both the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission allow consumers to make informed choices about their health and beauty products before they make a purchase. These standards also help manufacturers and beauty brand owners produce good quality products that are safe.

For cosmetics this means that the product is being produced in a facility that meets (FDA) requirements for the use of Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) ingredients and good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the value of American manufacturing and quality standards.


When should I join?



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