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Joy Ekhator and Theda Vallee – Rituals that Heal

Joy Ekhator

joy ekhatorOn this episode of RadioAMB, Patty has a special guest, Joy Ekhator of Lovinah Skincare! Joy tells her story of life in Africa and how her traditional family medicine and healing were the secret to creating her own skincare line. Joy struggled with hormonal skin conditions and when western products did nothing for her skin she went back to what she knew, her family’s natural remedies passed down through ancient African beauty rituals she grew up with from her father who was a chief in her homeland. Her story is one of family, love of exceptional ingredients, and passion for pursuing her true purpose and destiny in life.

In the final segment of the show, Patty speaks with Theda Vallee, a returning guest to RadioAMB. Theda has a new book, Stir Until Petrified where her strong Italian family roots serve as a background to intrigue, magic, and strong women. Come learn how she has combined drama and pasta to make a page-turning read.

Listen in today as Patty and her guests discuss ancient family traditions of beauty.

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