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Juicing up beauty. An interview with Anne Nue Vonheim.

Tyler Kroning HeadshotMeet the Beauty Juicer in Chief. Anne Nue Vonheim, one of the pioneers of helping people learn about and define a new relationship with food. She teaches people how focusing on inner health and wellbeing can actually help them to achieve beauty on the outside. During her over 15 years of experience in large medical nutrition companies, Vonheim was able to discover that there is no medicine on earth more powerful than this: the humble green vegetable. That’s why she created Smart Pressed Juice, a wholeness and healing company.

Vonheim herself suffered from an auto immune condition that manifested in many things – poor circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic issues. She learned through her studies that while certain conditions may be ingrained in our genes, by focusing on eating better, managing stress, learning to relax and care for our bodies can help us to get those genes to express themselves differently.

Smart Pressed Juice goes beyond treating the body beautifully. Hear how a body-reset can happen with cleansing, “clean meals,” and plugging into a mind, body and spirit community. Listen below. You might hear something pretty important.

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